Over the years I went from being a largely sedentary, diet soda gulping smoker to being a plant powered,  cycle commuting, outdoor loving trail runner. I am much happier for it and I am always looking for ways to further improve and fine-tune my diet and exercise habits. I want to share my experiences along with useful information related to plant powered endurance sport, running, athletics, nutrition, gear and lifestyle on this page.

This blog includes personal experiences related to plant-based endurance sport. I will dedicate an occasionally recurring column to an "Improvement of the month" section. This could be the kick-start of a new habit, a self experiment or anything else that turns me into the person I want to become or the world into the place I want to live in. For more great information check the resources page, which will be periodically updated. Join the Facebook group to see what your fellow UltraVeggies are up to and to check out more valuable and relevant posts and resources that I discover on the web. Check the event section of the page to see if there is an "UltraVeggie exchange" coming up. It's a group run in North Vancouver, BC where  we will be able to share experiences, recipes  or even samples of each others favourite home-made  endurance fuels or just share a workout and enjoy each others company. You do not have to be vegan or vegetarian to join as long as you are respectful of the concept.

I am always eager to learn new things and although this blog does not allow for comments, you are invited to join the UltraVeggie Facebook group:


Happy trails,

Marc Schmitz