Friday, May 22, 2015

Recalibrating - Taking stock 3 month ahead of the Squamish 50 miler

Okay, so in theory I should be ramping up my training in preparation for the Vancouver 100 which is happening two weeks from now. Instead I have been nursing two bum ankles for the last month and a half. There were some other small aches and pains like my hips and a bruised hand from slipping during my first peak bagging mission of the season.
I have been dialing back my training to give my ankles a chance to heal and so far I have at least managed to not reinjure them. I kept up a good chunk of my weekly training such as bike commuting, swimming, weight training and some running. My runs had to be partially on easier trails or asphalt in the last little while though. What surprises me is that I currently feel that I am lacking any kind of "oomph" and I often feel sluggish. Does it have to do with the extra weight I gained, because I ate as if I trained hard, yet I took it easier than usual? It might also be related to low iron levels. I will get a blood test next week to figure out what might cause my low energy.
Today marks exactly 3 months out from the Squamish 50 miler which I am signed up for and if I had to pick just one target race for the year, this would be it. I will take this opportunity to straighten myself out and get back to some more structured training. I will clearly prioritize group outings and adventure type runs over grinding out long runs all by myself though. It seems like camaraderie and adventure is what motivates me right now and race results are somewhat secondary to that. Of course I want to do well in terms of results, but I sure don't  want getting prepared for a race feel like it is a chore.
Therefore my training goals for the next 3 months are as follows:
- get together with friends for training when possible
- put a spring back into my stride and get my energy levels back up
- return to more structured long runs
- lose about 4 kg of weight
- have fun
- maintain a good run/life/family balance