Thursday, January 29, 2015

Accidental Inspiration

The other day on my morning run I bumped into a co-worker on the Quarry Rock trail. We stopped to chat for a few minutes and I remembered that I had just recommended this particular hike to him the previous week after he had told me he had never done it, despite having lived in the neighbourhood in the past. I like to believe that I had a part in him choosing this particular trail or even in inspiring him to get out for a hike at all that morning. As I continued my run I kept wondering about the things that influenced and inspired myself in the past. More often than not it seems that the events and situations that steer us in one direction or another are fairly random. It could be a conversation, an ad in a magazine or the decision of a friend or family member.

Even though inspiration may seem random and accidental at times, I think we do have a great deal of influence on them. It is our responsibility to make ourselves more "accident prone" by exposing ourselves to people and situations that have the potential to inspire us to become better versions of ourselves. We also need to keep an open mind and just take a leap of faith sometimes by trying new things or setting goals that might seem kinda big and scary at first.

The environment I created for myself helps me to stay on track and although I made a lot of conscious adjustments to my lifestyle and my surroundings, more often than not I still find myself being accidentally inspired.

Go out, have fun, have an open mind and get yourself involved in some inspirational accidents.

I am so happy Trail Running and its awesome people found me a few years ago.