Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Planning ahead for 2015 ... What's on your agenda?

This is a great time to reflect on the ups and downs of 2014 and start planning ahead for 2015. Many of you might have already hashed out your ambitions and races for the new year. Personally I decided to try myself at a 100 km distance for trail running, which will be the longest run yet for me. I am also hatching plans to train for a triathlon with an open water swim. That event will most likely be my most humbling, but also the one that helps me learn the most skills. I am not a strong swimmer and I am slightly freaked out by open water swimming, preferring the clinical environment and superior visibility in the pool.

Join me in the Winter vertical challenge

If you feel like you are still need motivation to kick-start the new year, consider joining me at completing the Winter vertical challenge. You can do this regardless where you are based. Click on the link to find out all the details.

Looking back at  2014 here are the 3 posts that were most popular on this blog:

And here is one which I thought deserved more attention, since a lot of work and recipe trial and error went into it:
UltraVeggie smoothie awards

Happy holidays and a healthy 2015,