Sunday, July 20, 2014

Vegan Secret Supper

With my wife out of town last weekend Daniel was my date for the night and we met at the not so secret location at six o'clock ready for the feast to begin.

This was to be my first secret supper. What is a secret supper you`re asking? It`s an underground restaurant or supper club, which is hosted at somebodies home.

The Vegan Secret Supper used to be a regular occurrence in Vancouver. That was before chef Mérida moved out of the city though. It was also before vegan cuisine and her book were on my radar, so I never made it out to any of the events before.

Daniel and I welcomed ourselves into a nice home already filled with plenty of friendly and hungry people. Although our seats were right next to a huge french patio door it was almost unbearably hot. Thankfully the evening kicked off with a cold watermelon and red pepper gazpacho which was really delicious and refreshing.

Some nice creations on the menu for the night.

I will not go into dissecting the food in detail in this post. I will however say that we enjoyed three more wonderful courses and some good company. My wife and I are proud owners of the Vegan Secret Supper cookbook and we love most of the recipes we have tried so far. Many of them are quite complex though and I can only imagine how long it must have taken to prepare the 4 course dinner for the 25-ish attendees. Especially since everything (including the pasta) was home-made from scratch with seasonal, organic ingredients.

Our 2nd course. Roast beets, cherries, sun dried olives, cashew cheese and pistachios.
Another combination I would have never come up with.

All I have to do now is wait for the email announcement for the next event and hope that my wife and I manage to get two spots for ourselves. And maybe I`ll manage to work on my food photography skills until then too.

Bon Appetit,