Sunday, July 13, 2014

My family went for a trip without me on the weekend and all I did was getting high ...

... to high places that is. Well if you happen to live in Colorado or some other place above the clouds then my high places still seem quite low by comparison, but for a sea level dweller like myself they are the spots that rise above most of the surrounding landscape.

 I summited 9 peaks and worked my way up Helm pass north of Squamish in the light of a full moon in the last 3 days. In my books that's a pretty good weekend of being outdoors.

From Sea to Sky. Peaks as far as the eye can see.

Mountain peaks seen from a distance often seem ginormous, massive and inaccessible, but when you commit yourself to the process of climbing to the top you become aware that they are being conquered like everything else. One step at a time. Now I am not talking about Mt. Everest-esque climbs here. I am no technical climber nor do I aspire to become one. I find it's a good metaphor for life though. I tend to be intimidated by certain projects or events in real life too and if I could just remind myself to break it down to one step at a time, I will be just fine.

Happy Trails,