Saturday, July 5, 2014

Improvement of the Month July - I am an UltraVeggie Activist

After my June improvement of the month was only moderately successful I need to knock this one out of the park.

During the month of July I will be an UltraVeggie activist. I will take action by signing petitions, inquiring at companies and in stores about vegan friendly products and choices and generally promote a plant-based conscious lifestyle. I will take action a total of 31 times during July or on average once a day.

Potential areas of activism include:

  • inquiring about vegan products / options at stores
  • animal welfare
  • GMO labeling
  • protection of wild places and reduction of environmental harm
  • anything that makes the world a kinder and more awesome place to live in (I had to throw a blanket one in there to be safe) 

Is there anything that is close to your heart that would fall into any of those categories? Share your cause with me and  I will try and get on board.

Let's do this,

Marc Schmitz