Monday, June 9, 2014

UltraVeggie News June 2014 - 5 Peaks Giveaway

Settling the Protein Question once and for all

Why is the "where do you get your protein" question still out there?
After watching this video you can shoot right back:
Where do you get your fiber?

Scott Jurek Presentation at the Adventure Centre in Squamish

On Tuesday June 3rd I attended a presentation followed by a question and answer session with Scott Jurek. It was a great night. It really felt like Scott was happy to be there and to be sharing some of his experiences with the audience. He took plenty of time afterwards to chat with everybody in attendance too. Who's Scott Jurek? This is what Wikipedia has to say about him.

Here is the question I managed to come up with during the Q&A session:

What three things do you fuel with in a race in order to not bonk or hit the wall if your stomach does not feel like digesting food at all?

Scott's answer:
Mango Nectar (Apparently this one was a great hit for him at the Spartathlon)
Energy drinks (Don't use them too early in the race. Keep them for the later stages, when you don't feel like eating anymore)
Rice milk with protein powder (That one surprised me, but then again it's Scott Jurek right?)

In general his advice was to have the real food and solid nutrition early on in a race and keep the liquid fuel for later in the event.

I am officially a Trail Supporter again

I would love to be able to get out more and do some trail work, but I figured buying a trail pass from the North Shore Mountain Bike Association is the second best thing to do. The $15 (going towards trail maintenance) for the year is an incredible value. I view it as a drop-in fee for biking, hiking, running or any other type of trail usage. It works out to maybe a dime per trail run for me. That's value for ya and the trail karma you earn by purchasing the trail pass is priceless.

I spotted a mobile Aid Station on my commute the other Day

Well, it was stationary at the time, but still. Who needs sag wagon's and pace cars if you can have a cool mobile veggie aid station like this? Why didn't I think of that? In all seriousness though. This is an awesome teaching tool and creates awareness of local farming and thinking outside the box (pun intended). Check out more details about the Truck Farm.

Every plant powered athletes dream. A mobile aid station.

Hats off  to Save on Foods for this display

in their North Vancouver Park & Tilford location

This is not my regular supermarket, since I have a few other shopping options closer to home, but I thought this deserved a shout out. I was pleasantly surprised though to find a dedicated vegan, gluten free, non GMO section right by the entrance to the store.

Less time reading labels = More time eating and exercising

5 Peaks Race Entry Giveaway

I am very pleased and excited to be able to offer a free race entry into the 5 Peaks race at Cypress Mountain on July 26th 2014.

Here is how you can enter to win:
1. Join the UltraVeggie Facebook Group.
2. Share / re-post this post on Facebook.
3. Cross your fingers to see if you won a free entry into an awesome race.

Deadline to qualify for the draw is June 21st. Draw to be held on June 22nd.

Happy healthy June,

Marc Schmitz